Information regarding Weightless

What Weightless does:

What Weightless does NOT:

Publisher rights and responsibilities:

Breaking any of the above rules will cause the termination of your account.

Even if technically you've broken no rules, in case your emails result in significantly higher unsubscribe rates, spam reports, or complaints compared with your industry average, we reserve the right to stop sending email on behalf of you.

The above rules might seem too harsh, but generally speaking, if you are not doing anything sketchy, you have nothing to worry about.

Recipient rights and responsibilities:

3rd parties with data access

To provide our services we rely on a number of 3rd party vendors, granting them access to information required for them to function properly. We take great care when selecting such vendors to make sure their reputation, practices, and technology are in line with our standards when it comes to data protection.

We're cotinuously monitoring our product usage to prevent abuse. Weightless aims to serve the most responsible publishers who only ever message the people that wish to hear from them, with the content the people care about. Anything else we consider as misuse at best, and as abuse at worst.

Think someone sneaked through? Please let us know.